Taking Italian food back to its original traditional roots

Shop 2. 52-60 Enmore Road Newtown
PH: 8065 4224

Open from 6pm 7 Days – Fully licensed bar – Sorry, we don’t take bookings and split bills.



Bruschetta    4.50 per serve

Rosso Antico Homemade Sourdough served with extra virgin olive oil    3.50 per person

Marinated Olives election of Italian olives marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and rosemary. 

Arancini rice balls with a bolognese sauce, peas & mozzarella   12

Crocchette di patate   fried potato croquettes with mozzarella, garlic & parsley   12

Polpette   homemade meatballs slow cooked in a napoletana sauce   15

Anchovies Del Cantabrico   conserva codesa serie oro 50g served with extra virgin olive oil and chilli   16

Calamari   sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, rosemary, sourdough bread crumbs and nduja   21

Salumi   selection of cured meat served with grissini 21

Prosciutto e burrata   thinly sliced prosciutto & burrata 20

Cozze   local mussels cooked in a napoletana sauce with chilli, served with homemade bread    25

Rucola   rocket, walnut, pear & shaved parmesan    13

Caprese   burrata, cherry tomato, extra virgin olive oil & garlic    18


Gnocchi Nduja   Homemade Gnocchi with Nduja and Italian sausage in a Napoletana sauce    24

Gnocchi Sorrentina   home made gnocchi in a napoletana sauce with fior di latte    22

Gnocchi ai 4 Formaggi   home made gnocchi in a gorgonzola, scamorza, parmigiano, mozzarella & cream sauce    22


Marinara  san marzano, garlic oregano & extra virgin olive oil    16

Margherita   san marzano, fior di latte & basil    18

Pesto fior di latte, cherry tomato, pesto and basil    18

Napoli   san marzano, fior di latte, anchovy, olives & oregano    18

Diavola   san marzano, fior di latte, salami, olives, roasted capsicum & chilli    23

Prosciutto   cherry tomato, fior di latte, prosciutto, rocket & shaved parmigiano    23

Patate e Salsiccia   potato, fior di latte & Italian sausage    24

Quattro Formaggi   scarmoza, fior di latte, gorgonzola, & parmigiano    21

Capricciosa   san marzano, fior di latte, double smoked ham, olives, artichoke & mushroom    23

Tartufo   fior di latte, italian sausage, porcini & truffle paste    25

Vesuvio   1/2 margherita 1/2 calzone with ricotta, salami, basil & chilli    22

Zucchini   san marzano, fior di latte, zucchini, pancetta, scamorza & basil    22

Ortolana   san marzano, fior di latte, roasted capsicum, grilled zucchini & grilled eggplant    21

Norma   san marzano, fior di latte, eggplant & salted ricotta    21

Funghi misti   fior di latte, scamorza, button, porcini & oyster mushrooms    23

Pescatore   san marzano, fresh seafood and chilli    25

Calzone Napoletana   san marzano, fior di latte, ricotta, salami & double smoked ham    22